(15) Rush: Exhibition views

Introduction to the current work series of sculptures based on the theory for the Anthropocene.

Solo exhibition, 2017

The artistic search for the new work series ‘Rush’ starts from the scientific discussion about a new era, the ‘Anthropocene’. The particular interest belongs to the question, if man has replaced nature as a formative force. To this day the clear ‘Golden Spike’, an imprint in nature, is still missing as a worldwide geological proof for the beginning of the human age. Lena Policzka translates this question into her metaphoric concept, applied for a broad work series and characterized by strict geometry, monochrome color, industrial materiality and experimental processes. Therefore she combines aluminium and aluminium potassium sulphate and uses their chemical properties to generate artificial deposition and crystallization. This sediment of black crystals creates a visual tension of being attractive jewels but also repulsive proliferation. In addition distinctive color codes play a central role. On the one hand Policzka focuses on silver aluminium that represents the industrial world of today and its black overgrown reality. On the other hand she contrasts this through an ambivalent interaction with the pink halo of Utopia. Furthermore the artist works with associations such as ‘gold rush’ or ‘rush hour’ — images of human urge for progress, that are accused of an inevitable fatality.