(12) Optimatics: Phase 2

Breathing objects: rubber, aluminium
Table: MDF, spruce wood, lacquer, glass cylinders, LEDs, air compressor

Platform: 220 x 40 cm
Table: 210 x 120 x 30 cm

‘Optimatics’ is an ongoing series of kinetic installations that shape the artistic career of Lena Policzka from the beginning. Based on global bioscience innovations in the field of artificial life design, the artist translates this controversial topic to the society into a thinking model about ethics and limits of human urge for optimization. The leading idea for this is the laboratory situation, in which the formal languages of science fiction, industrial design and research are implied. On this medical stylized stage synthetic creatures are displayed, which seems to be alive. In the initial work ‘250g Optimatics’ the question of the survivability of primeval seeming life forms stood in the foreground. Reduced to a single sign of life – the individual respiratory rate – they were transforming between a material object and a living subject. The new installation ,Optimatics: Phase 2′ reflects an evolutionary idea instead. A lively individualism is reflected in the new variety of forms and movements. The artist draws attention to the synthesis of cell formation and aluminum, which characterizes the new creations. Grown to chimeras, they are representing a new phase of ‘Optimatics’.